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Fox Tales: I Came Out To My Partner As Trans with Bear & Fifi

July 27, 2022 Effy Blue and Jacqueline Misla, Bear & Fifi Episode 125
Curious Fox
Fox Tales: I Came Out To My Partner As Trans with Bear & Fifi
Show Notes

We are back with another Fox Tales episode, with stories of lives that challenge the status quo.

This week we will hear the story of Bear and Fifi (@bear.n.fifi). A few years into their relationship, after slowly taking down their walls to lean into love and trust, Bear revealed to Fifi that he is transgender and that he wanted to go through the process of transitioning. 

In this episode, they candidly share the fear, mourning, connection, and surprise that they experience as individuals and as partners during Bear’s journey of discovery and embodiment. 

Kabir Brown (Bear) is a Black queer transgender man, born and raised in Brooklyn, New York. A clinical case manager for underserved communities, and a private intimacy coach + sex positive space curator, he uses his professional background and intersectional experience of identities to create affirming spaces for his clients. 

Sofia Mojica (Fifi) is a pansexual Puerto-Rican cis woman from The Bronx, NY. Using trauma-informed neo-tantric techniques, spiritual technologies, and somatic exercises, Fifi guides her clients to develop compassion toward themselves and remove barriers they may have around sex, intimacy, connecting to their physical bodies, and experiencing joy. 

To find out more about Bear and Fifi, visit their website and follow them on Instagram at @bear.n.fifi.

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