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Erogenous Zones, God, and Sexual Self-Esteem with Jocelyn Silva (Interview) (Revisited)

March 09, 2022 Effy Blue and Jacqueline Misla, Jocelyn Silva Episode 105
Curious Fox
Erogenous Zones, God, and Sexual Self-Esteem with Jocelyn Silva (Interview) (Revisited)
Show Notes

As a part of their sexual self-esteem kick, Effy and Jacqueline revisit an episode from the archives where discuss erogenous zones, religion, and their impact on our sexual self-esteem with sexual empowerment coach Jocelyn Silva. 

Guiding us this week is Jocelyn Silva:
Jocelyn Silva is a Sex and Intimacy Coach that works with women and femmes to break through their sexual shame and embrace their sex lives with confidence. With 10 years of experience as a sex educator, Jocelyn's favorite thing is teaching others about the beauty of sexual empowerment. As a queer Latina of immigrant parents, Jocelyn understands the level of shame that can be inflicted on a young girl and how that shame can bleed into adulthood. She is passionate about helping to end this cycle and uplift a new generation of sexually free badasses. She facilitates workshops, group coaching, and one on one coaching programs.

You can find out more about Jocelyn on Instagram: @iamjocelynsilva 

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