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Erotic Blueprints and Sexual Self-esteem with Jessie Fresh (Interview) (Revisited)

March 02, 2022 Effy Blue and Jacqueline Misla, Jessie Fresh Episode 104
Curious Fox
Erotic Blueprints and Sexual Self-esteem with Jessie Fresh (Interview) (Revisited)
Show Notes

This week Effy and Jacqueline revisit an episode with Jessie Fresh all about aligning with your Erotic Blueprint to nurture your sexual self-esteem. They are curious about:  

  • Why is pleasure important?
  • What gets in the way of pleasure & fulfilling sex?
  • How to increase sexual satisfaction?
  • What are Erotic Blueprints and how do they affect our sexual self-esteem? 

Guiding us this week is Jessie Fresh:

Jessie a certified Sex and Relationship Coach who helps women and couples create a deep, intimate connection so they can experience the mind-blowing sexual pleasure they so deeply crave. Using a unique technique to help her clients understand their deepest sexual desires, she coaches them to experience intimacy and closeness where there are no limits on time, space, and love. Jessie’s mission is to end the unnecessary suffering that too many people endure because of the shame and guilt they feel about sex. 

To find out more about Jessie Fresh on IG @JessieFresh

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