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Colorism, Featurism, Texturism and Sexual Self-Esteem with Dr. Donna Oriowo (Interview)

February 23, 2022 Effy Blue and Jacqueline Misla, Dr. Donna Oriowo Episode 103
Curious Fox
Colorism, Featurism, Texturism and Sexual Self-Esteem with Dr. Donna Oriowo (Interview)
Show Notes

This week Effy Blue and Jacqueline Misla are curious about colorism, featurism, and texturism and they are joined by Dr. Donna to chat about:

  • What are colorism, texturism, and featurism? Where does it come from? How does it show up day today?
  • How does it impact sexual self-esteem?
  • How does this impact relationships between people of color?
  • What can we do now that we know this?

To guide us in our exploration, our guest this week is Dr. Donna Oriowo:

Dr. Donna Oriowo (oreo-whoa!) LICSW, CST, is international speaker and certified sex and relationship therapist in the Washington D.C. metro area. The owner of AnnodRight, Dr. Donna specializes in working with Black women on issues related to colorism and texturism and its impacts on mental and sexual health. She is the author of Cocoa Butter & Hair Grease: A Self Love Journey Through Hair and Skin. Dr. Donna is an advocate for sexual freedom, self-love, acceptance, and accomplishment for WoC, especially Black women. She collects inspiring quotes, eats donuts, loves pasta, & stays home--cuz COVID aka Rona. 

Dr. Oriowo currently serves as co-chair of the Diversity, Equity, Inclusion committee with AASECT, Communications Steering Committee Chair, too. She can be found on Facebook and Instagram @Annodright. OR you can visit her on the interwebs at or

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